It wasn’t always like this.


Some twenty years back I was in the crazy amazing world of advertising, but on a day, I decided enough - I wanted more from my life. I wanted to recapture my own creative integrity. I wanted a fresh new creative passion where my hands, my eyes and my soul were at one.


Its been a wonderful yet scary journey supported by an incredibly understanding wife, caring family, and great clients who have embraced my work, allowing me to fully develop my creative talent.


I chose sculpture, where my love for the third dimensional form could embrace nature, with wildlife being the focus. As a South African I have a passion for wide, open spaces, and the bush.

Encouraged by my mentor the late Everard Read and under his guidance, I stepped into the world of art.


I initially worked in ceramics, which I loved, but I tired of the endless breakages. I then started working in bronze, which allowed me far greater freedom of expression.  Once in the magical space of my studio, I am consumed with engendering life and energy into the sculpture in progress.


I am fascinated by the thought that I am able to create sculpture that can give my clients feelings of peace, joy and happiness when remembering the stunning cameos of their own experiences in the bush.


I have loved the commissions that are not wildlife related – if only there were more hours in the day.


Over the years my sculptures have found their way into homes, businesses and institutions throughout the world and I have enjoyed a number of successful exhibitions in South Africa and abroad.